Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

New images of destruction from Hurricane Matthew in southwest Haiti taken by our Haiti Trust team.

On Monday (17 October) we flew over southwest Haiti to survey hurricane damage to the communities surrounding Grand Bois National Park, and took these images showing flooding still affecting communities in the region, with fallen trees and others stripped of leaves.  The eye of the hurricane passed through this region where we work. Photos taken along the road near Port Salut also show the impact of the storm, with overturned cars and destroyed houses. Clearly many people in this area were affected and are without housing.

We need to rebuild permanent housing for members of the Grand Bois community who were displaced by the hurricane, with help from your donations.

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Welcome to the Haiti National Trust!

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a long-awaited national trust fund for Haiti’s environment and biodiversity. Haiti has a rich diversity of species, many found nowhere else in the world, but which are now threatened with extinction. Losing this national treasure would be not only a great cultural loss for the Haitian people, but it would also cause suffering by its impact on the water resources, agriculture, and economy. We are determined not to let this happen. Please join our effort in protecting the last forests and biodiversity of Haiti.

Philippe Bayard, President and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. S. Blair Hedges, Chief Scientist
Co-founders, Haiti National Trust